Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Photography Re-Edited Collection: 2017

Here is a collection of my most favorite re-edits which I have printed out for a portfolio. Most are from previous entries here on this blog but some are never before edited images from older shoots.

New Edits


Finally was able to scan in  the framed print of this film image.


Saturday, June 10, 2017

Digital Photography: 2017

Studio Lighting Course: Still Life Assignment, 2017

An extention to my "Shattered Past" series, my studio lighing assignments also involve the use of broken antique glass. 

"Image 7582"

"Image 7603"

"Shattered Past: Raving Alcoholic - Image 7702"

Studio Lighting Course: Live Model Assignment, 2017

Here I used broken glass as a light filter to cast a unique affect onto my subjects.

"Shattered Past: Depression - Image 7860"

"Shattered Past: Alcoholism - Image 7950"

"Shattered Past: Loss - Image 7971"

Solar Eclipse: August 21, 2017

Like many people, I too missed the peak phase of the even due to weather. Fortunately for me, the storm clouds parted just in time for me to photograph the last phase of the eclipse through the remaining clouds.

"Image 7330"

"Image 7309"

Photo Series: "Shattered Past"

This series was done for my Alternative Photo Process class using broken vintage glass via digital images with vintage photography processes and techniques. The following images are the digital variations created with the original images used in my final assignment.

"Image 6743"

various circular glass

 "Image 6762"

Chinese candlestick holders and various circular glass

 "Image 6795"

Vintage candy dishes and bowls

"Image 6832"

Misc. glass

 "Image 6845"

1940's vintage Coke bottles

 "Image 6860"

1940's vintage Coke bottles

"Image 6872"

Baby themed glass; baby bottles, food jars, and milk bottles

 "Image 6918"

Vintage car headlights

 "Image 6929"

Misc. vintage soda bottles

 "Image 6981"

Vintage alcohol bottles and other chemicals
This one was a total experiment that I just went with to get my final project done. I will be revisiting the technique some time soon.

"Image 7132"

"Image 7165"